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Young or old; man or woman, you will find here something to learn, laugh about and live with – perhaps even make your life better.

Zigsaga.com is a news blog of a kind; an invaluable source of information for all.

It will go a mile beyond straight reporting to make an intriguing analysis to news about all the aspects of life.

The author will tell the story in a way that elicits genuine empathy and sympathy. He will be witty and hilarious, but never snarky or cynical.

The hair-raising; the nerve-shredding; the jaw-dropping; the grossly annoying; even the bizarre news stories will be analysed to bring to the fore their human interest value and unique impact.

Home to solutions for the little puzzles of life

Yet nothing will be left hanging loosely.

The author will provide a way out; delve into research to find information and knowledge that can help those in a situation.

By candidly sharing dependable and helpful information, those who might fall in similar situations will also be alerted, forewarned and equipped.

This will be the author’s modest contribution to solving the little puzzles of life.

You will feel at home with the content.

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Cyrus Mwelwa is an experienced, focused and reliable writer. He will deliver quality content to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

He believes that the written word is louder than the voice itself.

Get an expert to craft, package and deliver your marketing copy in a crisp, punchy and thought-provoking way to enable you to achieve your business goals.

No written word qualifies for public consumption before passing through the hands of an able editor. I have the competency to clean up content to eliminate typos and grammatical errors.

Through my creative skill, I easily uplift the quality of content, while laying emphasis on relevance, clarity, flow and flavor.

Cyrus Mwelwa has the grasp of the cutting-edge media management strategies. He knows how integrated communication can be used to inform, educate and entertain, while at the same time enhancing strategic positioning for brands.

You can trust me with your corporate image.

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