This is What Wilson Sossion Should Do to Win Back His Peace

SossionI’M NOT sure how to address Wilson Sossion these days – if I were to be “privileged” enough to meet him, that is.

You know, this guy has risen to levels unreachable, and it has gone into his bumpy head.

Not that I would aspire to get to him, nope!

But I know he has become inaccessible because his (former) colleagues at the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) say so.

They would know, you know?

Seriously, though, what is this man’s bona fide title right now? Honourable MP, Knut Secretary General, teacher…? I’m lost.

In his new-found ambivalent self, Sossion has lost colour, flavour and favour.

He’s become vain and flat…as flat as a carbonated drink called soda, Yuk!

Sossion: Man of Immense Power and Influence

SossionToo bad for a guy who just the other day would sneeze and every teacher in the country would catch a cold.

Such was Sossion’s power and influence that he would deploy thousands of teaches into the streets with only a whistle.

A powerful and fierce strike has begun…

But, at the moment I’m not intent on revisiting the accolades of this hero-turned-desperado.

In fact, I have a not-so-sociable message for Sossion: Please stop changing into a clown.

Try to remain the respected drama teacher that you’ve been.

Admired By Friends and Enemies Alike

Drama teacher? Yes. You know this man taught chemistry, agriculture and drama years ago.

No wonder he has succeeded not once, not twice, but many times to pull teachers into drama-downed strikes.

Sossion has been a darling of Kenyan teachers for long.

He has also won the admiration of many, even those who would rather have no love lost for him.

He has many friends locally and globally. Only recently one local friend called “Baba” handed him a rare favour: A nomination to Parliament.

Why Try Seating on Two Seats at the Same Time?

SossionBut Sossion is fast losing his distinguished status.

Greed is growing on his head like horns, attracting anger and disgust to himself like TV aerials catching transmission waves.

He is a fairly lean man by frame. But even if he were to be a four-angled giant, trying to sit on two seats at the same time would suck.

Yet that’s what the poor man is trying to do.

This is happening when those with whom he would get along only a couple of months ago have cut and run.

Teachers, who have been his heart-warmers, have not only disowned him but are also baying for his blood.

A Meeting With His Ego And Himself

SossionOn the other hand, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), his (former) employer has shunned him like a leper.

Things are now knotty for this naughty man. But he thinks all these people are not serious; they are only a cast in a drama skit.

Just this week, he showed up at the TSC headquarters for a meeting. But do you know what he was met with: A deserted boardroom!

No one was motivated enough to share a table with this Mugabe wannabe.

After a brief meeting with his ego and himself, he turned tail and left.

If I were him, I would have sat at a lonely corner in that very boardroom to draft a “bye-dear” letter to Knut.

You Sprung Up From the Backwaters

SossionBut instead of reading the writing on the wall, the fellow went ahead to bore the Press (really?) with tired lyrics on how firmly he is in charge of Knut.

My friend, you are a drama teacher, yes, but your comedy has lost audience.

The curtain has fallen, clean up the make-up and shed the costume.

Since you are now an honourable MP, please do the graceful thing: Vacate Knut today.

You don’t have to act as if your departure from Knut will kill the union or even you.

Remember you are backgrounded on humility. You sprung up from the backwaters of the rift valley to gain national fame and prestige.

Foot-soldiers Training Guns on You

SossionYou took your job seriously; you delivered, no dispute.

Your hard-line posture and abrasive style drew you closer to the hearts of the Kenyan teachers.

All because that’s what it took for them to win long and bruising battles.

But now the battleground has shifted. The shoe is on the other foot.

The same foot-soldiers you commanded are now training their guns on you. And, quite frankly, I don’t see you surviving this assault.

Whether they are justified under the Knut leadership procedures, which you keep sheltering under, is neither here nor there.

All you need to do is show humility. Reason with them knowing all too well that it’s nothing personal.

Go Ye Yonder And Shine

SossionRather, the teachers only want you to work better for them in that elevated role of an honourable MP.

They want you to concentrate on sponsoring Bills that guarantee their good.

They want you to remain their usual effective servant-leader.

Teachers don’t want you in their midst any more. Go ye yonder and shine; fight for them in a wider arena.

As an African man, you ought to know that a son doesn’t live in his mother’s hut after completing the initiation rites.

He would know when to cede space to his younger siblings.

And, you know what? You can be that son. You can help Knut, and the trade union movement in general, a great deal by giving way.

By claiming your deserved space in Parliament, and pushing their agenda, you can enter the Hall of Fame to join the likes of Tom Mboya, Dennis Akumu, Fred Kubai and Juma Boy.

Don’t Have To Follow The Beaten Path

True, some trade union leaders before you (and even current) went to Parliament but never relinquished their posts.

But who says you must follow the beaten path? You can do things differently and become a super-achiever.

This way, you will not only retain your dignity and respect in Knut and the teaching fraternity, but you will also keep the influence of a father-figure among those you bequeathed the wheel.

That’s how leaders grow.